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KTC-125 DN25

Thermostatic pump group
The thermostatic pump group KOMPAT DN 25 - 1" KTC is a low temperature unit used in underfloor heating systems.

It consists of a 3-way mixing valve controlled by an integrated thermostatic actuator, by which the temperature to be kept constant in the flow is set. It is equipped with a protection device consisting of a contact thermostat installed on the flow and connected to the pump. In this way it is ensured that the pump is switches off if the temperature exceeds the set threshold.
The valve is equipped with 1 upper by-pass (system side) to take part of the water from the system return flow, allowing to recover heat and balance the temperature; ideal for floor systems.

Grundfos HYBRID 25-70 180 - DX (Cod. 49073987)
Wilo PARA SC 25/1-6 - DX (Cod. 49073179)
Wilo PARA SC 25/1-8- DX (Cod. 49073167)
without pump - DX (Cod. 49072566)

Data Sheet
Data Sheet


Thermostatic actuator

Safety contact thermostat


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