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KM3-125 DN25

Mixing group
System with 3-way mixing valve regulated by an electric rotary servo-control that can be connected to any type of electronic control unit.
The valve is equipped with 1 bypass: - upper by-pass (system side): it takes part of the water of the plant return by feeding it into the outlet, thus allowing to recover heat and balance the temperature; ideal for underfloor systems
The pump group is supplied with right flow.
Plus / Advantages:
• Compact control unit ready for installation.
- 3-way mixing valve controlled by an electric actuator
- Extremely easy maintenance: control and replacement of the pump without emptying the system
- Extremely easy to reverse the flow from right to left; can be carried out directly by the installer by inverting
the pipe and pump positions and acting on the valve
- Return pipe with check valve
- Seals assured by flat stops and seals
- ball valves on the flow and return with integrated thermometer
- Black EPP thermal insulation

with Grundfos HYBRID 25-70 180 (Cod. 49073595)
with Wilo PARA SC 25/1-6 (Cod. 49072755)
with Wilo PARA SC 25/1-8 (Cod. 49072756)
without pump (Cod. 49072501)

Data Sheet


Electric rotary servomotor

Remote controller


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