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COD. 49053505


Solar exchange and separation module, single load
EXOL-AR1 is a pre-assembled solar heat transfer module for
charging technical water storage tanks and buffer tanks.
A high-efficiency steel plate heat exchanger "exchanges"
the heat from the solar circuit to the storage tank circuit.
All EXOL modules are controlled by an electronic control unit that controls the speed (0..10 V function) of the high-efficiency circulator in the primary circuit ensuring optimal use of solar energy.
Plus / Advantages:
- Separation between the fluid of a solar circuit with battery collectors and the fluid of a heating circuit.
- Tested and pre-assembled, ready-to-use module
- Combines in the same product the solar station and the separation unit
- Hydraulic and electronic system tested and then quick commissioning
- Complete with black EPP thermal insulation 40 g/l


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