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COD. 49043694

HS 325 DN65

Hydraulic separator
The Lovato HS 325 DN65 hydraulic separator is a compensation chamber designed to make hydraulic circuits independents. It is used when, in the same system, the pump of the primary circuit (energy source) and one or more pumps of the secondary circuit (heating circuit) interact; its use helps to eliminate the problems of the variations of the flow rate and head of the circuits.
Deflector for stratification
The main chamber conformation guarantees low speed of the heat transfer fluid reducing the mixing processes.
Air separator and dirt separator function
Inside the compensation chamber there is a deflector that improves the stratification and a “flow breaker” that allows the sedimentation of the mud. Both systems also facilitate the breaking of the air microbubbles and their expulsion.
Plus / Advantages:
• Tested, insulated and ready to use
• Integrated system of air separation and sedimentation of mud.
• Access point for draining the system
• Possibility of housing temperature sensors
• Painted with epoxy powder coating
• For heating and cooling
• Suitable for DN40 and DN50 applications


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