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COD. 49017084


Mini inertial storage 50l
BOMBER 50 C is the ultra-flat 50 lite mini inertial storage tank that connects up to two energy sources (e.g. heat pump, gas boiler or other) and acts as a hydraulic separator and distribution manifold for up to two zones. The internal diaphragm and the configuation of the secondary connections allow a correct fluid statification.The dedicated connection for the heat pump (max. 4.5 m³/h) ensures full utilisation of the storage volume, providing longer service continuity. When an additional energy source, such as a boiler, cannot be installed, BOMBER 50 C is equipped with a connection for an electric resistance (up to 3kW).The module is supplied with an automatic air vent valve and a temperature sensor pocket.It is fully insulated and can be used both in heating and also in cooling systems.
Plus / Advantages:
• Compact module 520 x 860 x 240 mm (reduces the frontal area by 30% compared to a BOMBER 40 solution).
• Capacity: 50 litres.
• Fully insulated, suitable for heating/cooling solutions (EPP λ 0.034 W/mk. 30g/l thickness 40 mm)
• Corrosion resistant by surface treatment of cataphoresis• Hole insulated by plugs
• Low pressure drop, flw rate up to 4.5 m³/h - Multi-purpose: De-aerator, hydraulic separator/distribution manifold up to 2 zones.
• Symmetry in installation (right/left/top/bottom)
• Sensor pocket and automatic air vent valve included
• Easy wall installation using special wall brackets
• Ready for the installation of MAGNETOR
• Ready for electric resistance up to 3 kW


Allegato - Perdita di carico
Allegato - Perdita di carico
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