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Energy metering, separation, heating and domestic hot water production
MACUK S-SR PRO is an electronic Heat Interface Unit for heating and hot water applications. Thanks to the two plate heat exchanger the module also allows complete
separation from the primary circuit or central plant system. Suitable for apartments, terraced houses, semi-detached house with centralized heating system.

MACUK RSM PRO only needs the hydraulic connections on site.

From the section "ACCESSORIES" it is possible to choose between the different types of accessories available to meet every need.

Energy meter and DCW meter with impulsive output in M-BUS version
Energy meter and DCW meter with RADIO trassmitter
Ultrasonic energy meter
30-60°C thermostatic kit for low temperature heating systems

- Temperature control kit, including 230 V electric actuator, digital controller and remote control with room sensor
.Hot domestic hot water, thermostatically and proportionally controlled, it is produced by a brazed stainless steel plate heat exchanger that allows an immediate supply of DHW eliminating water waste and unnecessary waiting times.

Adjustable differential valve (5÷30 KPa) to balance the module flow rate from 520 to 1400 l/h independently from the primary circuit head.
Plus / Advantages:
- Oversized heat exchanger to allow high instantaneous production of DHW with low inlet primary temperatures;

- Reduction of legionella risk and minimizes the formation of limescale deposits due to the high temperatures;
- DPCV valve in primary circuit to maintain constant pressure in secondary circuits.
- Complete separation of primary/secondary circuits
- Module fully insulated with EPP60 g/l (wall-hung version);

MACUK S-SR 20-20 PRO (Cod. 49048780)
MACUK S-SR 20-30 PRO (Cod. 49048784)
MACUK S-SR 30-20 PRO (Cod. 49048786)
MACUK S-SR 30-30 PRO (Cod. 49048782)

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