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COD. 20318521

LOVASOL MTDC (29/10/2020 08:48:07)

Electronic control unit for solar systems
The management of the solar system with the LovaSOL MTDC electronic control unit takes place through the analysis of the temperature differences measured by the appropriate precision probes in a pre-established or adjustable way.

The circulation control of the solar group is activated according to the comparison between the ∆t measured and the one set on the controller. The control takes place through one or more relays to which pumps or valves driven by electric motor can be connected.

The control unit provides 27 basic configurations possible with integrative systems through the management of several connected components.
Plus / Advantages:
- Simple operation
- Pictogram display system (universal for different languages)
- Flashing symbols display probes
- Rapid temperature control, ∆t and control elements active
- 2 relays
- 4 PT1000 temperature inputs
- 27 selectable basic systems
- Heat quantity calculation
- Excellent design


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Forced circulation solar pump grou



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