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Energy meter with flanged connections
“MEC/ULTRA” energy meter are electronic devices with microprocessor composed of a multijet volumetric meter.

The device, connected to volume/temperature sensors, are able to meter the energy involved in room heating and cooling and the volumes of hot and cold sanitary water of 3 different volumetric meters, to store relevant data and make them available for costs subdivisions.
In addition, they are approved in accordance with EN 1434 and certified MID.

For energy metering, the meter and two temperature sensors (flow and return) connected to the meter are required.
Plus / Advantages:
• Measurement of heating or heating/cooling;
• Single-jet volumetric system
• 2 sensors PT500 included and already coupled (L=1,5 m);
• Temperature return sensor integrated in the volumetric system;
• Compact design;
• Simple and intuitive menu;
• 8 numbers LCD display, 3 decimals and special symbols visualisation;
• A user button on the front;
• Possibility to check data relative to previous 15 months;
• High frequency volumetric pulse pump for a better precision;
• Optical interface put in as standard;

ULTRA CFMUS FL 10 mc/h M-BUS (Cod. 20318365)
ULTRA CFMUS FL 15 mc/h M-BUS (Cod. 20318366)
ULTRA CFMUS FL 25 mc/h M-BUS (Cod. 20318367)
ULTRA CFMUS FL 40 mc/h M-BUS (Cod. 20318368)
ULTRA CFMUS FL 60 mc/h M-BUS (Cod. 20318369)
ULTRA CFRUS FL 10 mc/h RADIO (Cod. 20318265)
ULTRA CFRUS FL 15 mc/h RADIO (Cod. 20318266)
ULTRA CFRUS FL 25 mc/h RADIO (Cod. 20318267)
ULTRA CFRUS FL 40 mc/h RADIO (Cod. 20318268)
ULTRA CFRUS FL 60 mc/h RADIO (Cod. 20318269)


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