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DN20 solar pump group - flow and return
VERTIGO VRD-90 is a forced circulation return solar pump group with variable flow rate 2-12 l/min.

To ensure maximum protection of the electronic control unit from heat, VERTIGO VRD-90 has a protective insulation that totally separates
the hydraulic unit from the control unit.

In addition, the front cover casing has air intakes that allow maximum ventilation of the electronic compartment.

. The lateral position of the pump ensuring the full aeration of the hydraulic unit protecting it from high temperature.
Plus / Advantages:
- Flow regulator 2÷12 l/min
- Overtemperature protection of the electronic control unit
- Filling / draining/ flushing and dismounting the pump without emptying the system
- Compact safety group with safety valve, pressure gauge and hose connection for expansion tank
- Side aeration hole for the pump
- On-wall or directly to the buffer tank installation
- Ball valve with integrated thermometer and check-valve
- Black EPP insulation 40 g/l
- Seals assured by flat stops and seals

VERTIGO VRD-90 con Wilo PARA ST 15/7 iPWM (Cod. 49074712)
VERTIGO VRD-90 with Grundfos HYBRID 15-70 130 PWM (Cod. 49074732)
VERTIGO VRD-90 without pump (Cod. 49074701)


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