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C DN50

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The distribution modular zone manifold Lovato C DN40 2 and 3 circuits is made with cylindrical flow and return tubes, completely separated and uinsulated. The main connections to the heat generator and to the secondary circuit are flanged.
Suitable for all applications.
Thanks to the “CONNECTA”KIT is possible:
• install it in small spaces (90° curved connection for the zone manifolds)
• connect several zone manifolds of different sizes (axial reduction kit)
• satisfy any type of heating/cooling demand independently to the zone manifold connection (adapter kit for pump groups up to DN25).
Hercules is the first ready-to-use system on which twin pumps can be installed.
Plus / Advantages:
• Flow and return, separated and insulated
• Tested, isnulated and ready for the installation
• Access point for draining the system
• Painted with epoxy powder coating
• For heating and cooling
• Max. working pressure 10 bar
• Flange cover included in the insulation

C DN50 2F (Cod. 49043685)
C DN50 3F (Cod. 49043686)

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