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HV3 DN20

Mixing valve
The 3-way mixing valve DN20 - 3/4" HV3 is designed for control by an electric rotary actuator.
By changing the position of the internal plug, it is possible to change the valve flow from right to left.
The valve is supplied with 2 by-passes:
- by upper by-pass (system side): it takes part of the system return water and flows it into the flow, allowing heat recovery and temperature balancing in radiant panel systems.
- by lower by-pass (boiler side):it allows the bypassing of the flow water in presence of the pump in the boiler and no hydraulic separator.
Plus / Advantages:
- 3-way mixing valve with electric modulating control
- Easy to change the flow from right to left
- 2 by pass integrated

HV3 DN20 - right flow version (Cod. 49188001)
HV3 DN20 - left flow version (Cod. 49188002)

Data Sheet


Electric rotary servomotor

Remote controller


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