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Zone manifold/hydraulic separator
T-BOX is a compact distribution module for zone heating systems.
It can manage two or three zones in recessed version.
The zones can be controlled by 3 types of pump units:
Direct unit (high temperature)
Fixed point unit (constant temperature)
Modulating temperature mixing unit (designed for the temperature control system)
Plus / Advantages:
•Modular distribution system
•Thermally insulated manifold with EPP 40 g/l
•3-zone distribution manifold/hydraulic separator with
"DUO SYSTEM" that allows thanks a threaded cap the comunication or the separation of the flow and return "chambers"
Possibility to install the module under the gas boiler thnks to its small dimensions
Simplified hydraulic connections and seals assured by flat faces.
Designed for installation of Lovato heating controllers with wheather compensation and ouside sensor for mixing unit with modulating temperature.

BOX i (Cod. 20508343)
DN20 MANIFOLD "DUO SYSTEM" (Cod. 38001554)

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